The South East Region

The South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne has long been a strong-hold of the Richmond Football Club.

Throughout our golden era from 1967 to 1980, our Premiership Teams were fed with numerous players from the eastern suburbs, in particular through our association with the Essex Heights Football Club, from the under 17’s, our under 19’s and reserve grade teams (and aren’t we glad to have our own team back in the VFL for season 2014!), it was an era that oozed success.

It’s time to make the South Eastern suburbs our major stronghold once again. In spite of our lack of on-field success, we enjoy one of the highest membership levels in the AFL, and we know we have only just scratched the surface! We need all the current, lapsed or non-committed members to band together and back the Yellow and Black revival. Let’s get every Tiger supporter on board to help deliver our CEO Brendan Gales goal of 75000 members, and our much awaited next Premiership.

Our History 

Bringing the ROAR back to the suburbs

The South East Tigers supporter group was formed by Andrew Charousek who contacted Dale Weightman in September 2012 with the idea to have a supporter group for those Richmond Football Club members and supporters out in the south eastern suburbs, the lifeblood of the Tiger Army.

Dale loved the idea and Andrew got to work straight away recruiting enthusiastic members to become a part of the committee. The first meeting was on the 23rd of October 2012 and the South East Tigers group was officially born, and the official launch occurred on the 25th November.

Our aim is to promote membership of the Richmond Football Club as well as the group itself, and running functions and activities to raise money for the club.

Our goal is to do our bit to help speed the process of gaining and sustaining on-field success of The Mighty Tigers.